The Guild Edit

A guild based on friendship, many members (such as -Killah-Priest-, -Vivi, -jungleman, Darkfire and -Econis) are RL friends.We look for fun while playing, so if you want to make friends, join us.
Currently looking for more members (Only accepting cool people xD).

Members Edit

Leader: -Vivi
Officer: -Killah-Priest- (Killie :D)
Officer: out-to-kill (outtie :D)
Officer: Tei-ClowS (me xD)
Keeper: stonewilson
Keeper: -jungleman
Keeper: -Econis-
Keeper: DarkFire-
Keeper: Archegar
Keeper: -DefenderOfLight-

I won't put defender names here.Since it's a long list that constantly changes (I'm lazy =().

Former Members Edit

stonewilson has returned! <- miss you =(

More will be added.

Guild Requirements Edit

Getting IN: At least lvl 15 or higher but be prepared to give at least 5% xp upon entrance.

Defender:At least lvl 30 with 1,000 or more xp contributed

Manufacturer: Desginated by Vivi, minimum of 2 professions 1 at lvl 70 or higher and one at lvl 50 or higher.

Keeper:Lvl 40+ and contributed a minimum of 10thousand xp to guild

Treasurer: -Econis-

Officer:Lvl 50+ and contributed a minimum of 20thousand xp. After this requirement is reached you may challenge an already ranked officer. This will be setup and viewed by Vivi.

Leader: -Vivi

NOTE: If a certain member of the guild shows exempliary conduct or has contributed an extroidnary amount of xp, they may be up for promotion aside from the previous requirements GOOD LUCK~!!

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