Hakuna-Matata is mixed alignment,english speaking guild on Rosal.


The leader is Duos-Bandaid and Second in Command is Pawnz.

It was founded in March 2010.

It is open to all levels and all alignments and will never have level requirements. P2P is preferred but not required. If you wish to join simply ask anyone with a guild logo for an invite.

Guild Ranks and RightsEdit

Ranks are for fun and are assigned at random or at request. Leader and Second in Command, however, are reserved.

All members that are not on trial receive four rights:

  • Manage own xp
  • Place a perceptor
  • Collect from your own perceptor
  • Invite

Afterwards more rights are given based on xp donation with a minimum of 100k xp given to guild.

There are no alliances.

For more information please visit the guild forum.