Guns N' Roses is a guild on the Rushu server.


Guns N' Roses is recruiting at this moment players level 100+, we are active and fun :) pm any officer or our leader if you want to join.


To join our guild you must be level 100+, you must be an active member and you must have some sense of humor.

We already got a bunch of high levels, and we love to pvp.

We do a lot of runs and hunts, we help every member whenever we can, and we are funny (when not in a bad mood xD).

So if you want a nice guild, with nice pvp players and helpful members pm an officer.

Perceptor SystemEdit

The current perc system isnt "fair" enough and we gotten a lot of drama already about percs.

Only SiC can loot the percs.

Every member that gave 50.000 experience to guild can request 5 items.

Everyday we place percs everywhere, at the end of the day the percs are collected, and in every 2 weeks.

Just have to post on forum what they need and wait for and officer to pm them.

Experience TaxEdit

You chose whatever percentage you want to be put at, but if you want to donate less then your normal donation you will have to have donated 50.000 experience already.

  • Level 100-150 5%.
  • Level 151-198 3%.
  • Level 199 0%.
  • Level 200 0-90%, your choice.

Alliances Edit

I guess we don't need many alliances, because we want to be an independent guild, but, our leader knows many guys of Misfits and Blame like their leader so, we will think of them has an alliance :)

Enemies Edit

We don't have any because we are a new guild and we don't have reason to have enemies.

Leader and Second In Commands Edit


  • Kastorfever
  • Xbubax
  • Dwarf-Slayer