Introduction Edit

Welcome to the Guardians guild page! We are Guardians, defenders who stand forth to protect the World of Shika. We have active and friendly members who group together and aim to become one of the best guilds as time progresses. Not only are we focused in the game, but we are also a friendly community who spend our other times on guild events. By doing this, we keep our guild in a high standard, and also enjoying each and every minute of our game time.

Requirements Edit

We are currently looking for actively leveling members or players who choose to work for professions. Here are the basic requirements:

- Level 30+

- Active and friendly players

- Basic English communication skills

- 5% to guild after joining

Guild Forum Edit

A guild forum has been set up to keep the guild organized. The forum informs members on guild announcements and events, and also a place for guild members to chat. We prefer all members to register on the guild forum.

Click here to access the forum.

Guild Events Edit

Regularly, we have guild events to entertain our members and keep them active. You could find out more about our guild events on the Guild Forum.