Who Are We?Edit

We are a guild of kind, friendly people who seek to help others and the underdogs. (Hence the name.) We know for a fact that are guild is not high-leveled, but that doesn't stop us from being ambitious in the vast world of Dofus. We welcome people to the guild, and we hope we can make an impact on the world of Dofus.


  1. Must be level 30 or higher. We do make exceptions if we think that you would make a great member despite being lower leveled.
  2. Must be able to communicate in English.'
  3. Must be a active Dofus player. If you are going to be unable to play Dofus for several weeks/months short after joining then do not join. You can join once you are back playing actively.

Rules Within The GuildEdit

  1. Mandatory experience donation is set to 10%.
  2. Attacking guild members is forbidden. Fighting against guild members in prism and heart battles is allowed.
  3. Begging, whining and being generally annoying is forbidden. You can ask for favours and noone minds some ranting here and there, but there should be limits to this.

Rank SystemEdit

Rank Amount of Exp Description / Rights
On Trail 0
Dogsbody 2000
Apprentice 10000
Initiate 15000
Scout 25000
Mentor 30000
Guide 40000
Guard 50000
Secretary 60000
Counselor 85000
Diplomat 100000
Protector 150000



1 House

Paddock coming soon!!