A community based guild designed on the ideas of Nature related characters Guild. It was created on 25 June 2007' by the one and only Blood-Tredemon. He is an active leader, funny and enjoy joking around (So, obviously you can't take him seriously :-P). Anyway, the leader is good and we are trying to build a very fun and active guild.

We only invite the following characters to the guild - Sadida, Eniripsa, Enutrof and Osamodas. The reason?

According to the name "Guardians of Nature", the concept of the guild aims at those characters with something related to nature (at least the one we think it does > <). Obviously, Sadida is going to be the first choice as he/she is a plant people. Next, Eniripsa is a fairly type character and we believe they stay in the forest. Then, Osamodas - a good friend with many (summoned) animals. Last, Enutrof - a treasure hunter and/or miner whom spends most of his/her time in jungle and cave.

With these four, it would be a good mix, strong enough to carry a guild forward, and of course be able to protect our collector from attacker(s).

Currently, the guild is still young and need a lot of helps from all of Sadidas, Eniripsas, Enutrofs, and Osadomas around Rosal server to make it stronger. We are constantly recruiting, if you are agree with the terms and conditions below. We will be happy to welcome you to our Guild.

Terms & Conditions: Edit

  • You can be either f2p (Free to Play) or p2p (Pay to Play).
  • Your characters must belong to Sadida, Eniripsa, Enutrof and Osamodas.
  • Ideally, we would like to get at least level 10 or above. But if you are lower and really want to join, we can be flexible but with some conditions (check RIGHT & RANKING SYSTEMS below **)
  • This is a guild on Rosal server, so obviously you need to play in this server (Rosal) :-P
  • The official guild language is English. To be part of the guild, you must be able to communicate in this language. Hence, preferable anyone that can speak English. It does not need to be your first language as long as you can communicate with us. Then, that would be just fine.

Please keep in mind - it's ok to argue, but please do it through pm. Avoid using swear and f words on the guild in an offensive or non productive kind of way (You know what we mean). Also, it would be very much appreciate for not nagging about your right and rank. We have set the rules (below), so better follow it nicely (of course, there will be an exception but this will depend on us entirely).

Benefits for guild members: Edit

  • No more fighting alone,fight side by side by members.
  • Build up trust or even get friends with some other players.
  • We will try to help if you got any questions about DOFUS.