Guild Website:

Leader: Grafton

Second in Command: Tubalcain

Second in Command: Holy Quincy

Guild Level: 20

Guild Resources: Guild house in Bonta


"A long time ago, when I was a noob, level 17 or so, I (Grafton) was invited to join the guild “Blood of the Sacrier.” The guild was led by a great guy who goes by the name Dragonriderbobby. Everything was going very well until he left his leadership to someone else so he could join a higher guild to level up. Unfortunately, this new leader wasn’t active. This person then left the guild to someone else: a Sram! This is shocking because the guild is Sacrier-only guild…obviously. Well members left the guild dropping like flies. I tolerated this for about two weeks and then decided it was time to leave and start my own guild.

In early December 2007 I bought a guidalogem and started Grafted Heart. The name of the guild is a play on my name: Grafton and the person I wanted to be my Second in Command: Heartfelt." - Author: Grafton from Grafted Heart Website (14 April 2008)

The guild culture is very laid back and open. Familial and friendly. We're not extremely competitive and not very hardcore, just people who play regularly to have fun. At the moment anyone level 15 and over can join.

Join and have fun!