Got Mimilk is a guild of friends who likes to have fun & enjoy their time in the world of Dofus.

About UsEdit



Aperirel 24th, 641. Easter Day. A lone iop approaches the guild temple. In his right hand, clutched tightly, he holds a legendary guildalogem he chanced upon earlier that day. In his left, a carton of Mimilk. With only a few words of prayer whispered to the god Iop, he enters the temple. Minutes pass. Finally, he emerges. From the bowels of the ominous structure, he has forged a new guild. A guild that was to compete with the hundreds of others clambering for an ephemeral spot among Rosal's finest. He swore that day to never back down, and to fight for as long as he existed upon the World of Twelve. He knew he could do this, because he had Mimilk.



Required Level None
Required XP 10,000 XP
  • Invite new members
  • Manage own XP contribution
  • Place a Perceptor
  • Retrieve loot from your Perceptors
  • Can use paddocks
  • Arrange the paddocks


Required Level 40 or more
Required XP None
  • Invite new members
  • Manage own XP contribution


Required Level 39 or less
Required XP None
  • Invite new members
  • Manage own XP contribution

How To Join

Ours is a simple & easy-going guild.

We reward XP contributions with more rights, but you don't have to give XP to be a member.

Any level is welcome to join us, whether P2P or F2P, Bontarian, Brakmarian or Neutral.

All we ask is that you be respectful to fellow guildies. And partake in the fun!

Just send a private message to any member who is online or to:

  • ecademort
  • LanFeng

Mimilk Memories

This section is a scrapbook of screenshots from memorable events; funny quotes; and interesting stories from guildies saved in this time capsule for the future.

(Members are free to edit this section with additions. No worries if you mess up the formatting, we can fix it)

Level 200 party

A gaggle of Mimilks parties underground in Scarbon's Sufokian weed factory. (from left to right Armored-Fridge, Camirost, Cartalis, Scarbon, Led-Fox, Karma-Traps, Natanya)

(Guild) Inebriated-Fridge: that scrote has been drawn with some serious care

(Guild) Gwizdo: omg now i'm stuck with three baby cat that i have to feed every 4 hours
(Guild) Gwizdo: brb i gtg feed them they dont stop meowing
(Guild) Gwizdo: cat beby mailk

Char page

Mimilk meeting at the pink safehouse. (from left to right Cartalis, Red-Fox, Chaotic-Prince, Scarbon)

For an in-depth look inside the mechanics of Kolossium ratings, check out:

Led-Fox's Guide to Ratings

(Kolossium) Amosharbingerofpower: idk about u guys, but i dont intend to lose this
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: same
(Kolossium) Letsgetinvisible: me nether
(Kolossium) Letsgetinvisible: hate how they assume its fair to put three lvl 199s agaist a team with a 170 though, thats kinda bs
(Kolossium) Amosharbingerofpower: red plays like a pro so its fine :p
(Kolossium) Letsgetinvisible: yuh ive seen :P

(Kolossium) Vfor-Vendetta: red fox i waas happy to see you in preparation in fight :D
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: xD
(Kolossium) Vfor-Vendetta: u are rally good :)
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i like your dmg so i was happy too lol
(Kolossium) Allowet: yes he is amazing
(Kolossium) Vfor-Vendetta: and ofcourse clever player :)

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: xD
(Kolossium) Viejo-Pablo: lol
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: lol
Cat-kxz: fk you fox :c u su pro

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: k nvm
(Kolossium) Te-bags: xD
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: they want me lol
(Kolossium) Te-bags: yea
(Kolossium) Te-bags: lol ur to good

Tee-bag: without red u guys would lose
Kranos: yes
Kranos: :D
Tee-bag: this fogg is to good :P
Kranos: without eni u will lose 10000x
Kranos: yes he is
Kranos: :D
Kranos: best fog on the rosal
Kranos: :D
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: nah just at my lvl

Black-roxor: hhhhhhh and that smart fog :O
Black-roxor: i like him ( when he is with me )

Taishou: never seen a fog heal this much -.-
Taishou: next time this wil not happen

(Kolossium) Cursed-Hearts: nicee again :)
Imperial-Cr: Dat op torrets
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: 2800total heals ^^

Dizzymage: i coulda won this if i tried -.-
Dizzymage: i kinda gave up in the beginning cuz i saw red
Dizzymage: but if i had just went for him and tried i prolly coulda won this

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: nice work
(Kolossium) Abouu: good job ma niggas :D
Levinsake: i never do well against you red =p

Tenfek-Flow attacks with Otomai's Sword. Critical Hit!
Harpooner: -988 HP (dead).
(Kolossium) Bellanova: lol
Tenfek-Flow: suerte
Red-Fox: breakwatered
Red-Fox: its not luck
Red-Fox: i used every defensive protection on her, no luck just tactics
Xgolpeador: ok

(Team) Captain-Nick: fox guy is 2nd pro fog i've ever seen :D 1st is capn anchor
(Team) Red-Fox: ^^
(Team) Red-Fox: just biding time until i can use endgame gear

Little-trap: ...
Little-trap: i just love fighting the same team twice
Katana: you got red-fox hes good

Little-trap: wow
Little-trap: thing heals more then wor lol
Katana: foggs heal better than faires .-.

Hell-Boypl: gg ankama fk new classes
Denzal: just kill us this is inpossible
Denzal: impossible*
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: good, now they want me
Denzal: fuck eni this fog heals like 4 eni together... -.-

Le-Destructeur: lol
Le-Destructeur: fog=eni
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i can heal some more
Funky-tribe: fck

(Kolossium) Emoxetram: have you panda too? right?
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yep
(Kolossium) Emoxetram: :)
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ^^
(Kolossium) Emoxetram: a stong panda :)
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yea i remember koloing with ya^^

Who: you are dominating Fox
Who: :)
Red-Fox: yea well played tho
Red-Fox: gg

(Kolossium) Black-Zenaku: red ur healp es very good
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: hehe
from Black-Zenaku: u have one panda ?
to Black-Zenaku: yep
from Black-Zenaku: lol ur panda is very nice
to Black-Zenaku: ty

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i was going to heal & give +3range
(Kolossium) Hide-Yourzelf: i am sure you can do ather tings :P
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: hehe
(Kolossium) Hide-Yourzelf: and your pro so np

Safe: Damn our eca low hp ;3
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: our eca must be new koloer
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: 8/5 with 1200rating
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: it is default rating
(Kolossium) Safe: ^^
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: he is matched vs a true 1200rating fighter
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: but he does not have the skills / gear of a 1200rating
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: 8/5 too
(Kolossium) Safe: red
(Kolossium) Safe: U think we can handle it . ?
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yep got a chance
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: we have a chance because they got no healer
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: you can run back if you like eca
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ill heal eca then ill hit iop, if i can
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: good eca
(Kolossium) Safe: Iop sword fate should i do something O-o ?
(Kolossium) Safe: ap rape mp rape il do both ..
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yea ill breakwater eca too
(Kolossium) Safe: i like the fights with u red their interesting ;) with u or vs u ! u are special
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: hehe
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: k im attacking next, eca is ok for now
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: good i want them to rape me, not you, your dmg is better than mine
(Kolossium) Safe: I hope i can finish ..
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: beauty xD
(Kolossium) Safe: ty !
(Kolossium) Eca-mafioso: nicee!
Xcronos: just kill me
(Kolossium) Safe: Well red atleast we lost for sure oh xD?
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yea dayum!
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: its eca's fault lol
(Kolossium) Safe: xD
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg guys
(Kolossium) Safe: good team work red ;p

(Kolossium) Insidefiree: i think we lose this
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: they got no healer we got a chance

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: kinda easy with our dmgdealer & raper & healer team xD
(Kolossium) Insidefiree: yea
(Kolossium) Death-Decay: yes
(Kolossium) Death-Decay: i never lost one fight with u red
(Kolossium) Insidefiree: yup your rly good :P

Red-Fox casts First Aid.
Peshawa: +340 HP.
Red-Fox casts First Aid.
Vieroo: +341 HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Vieroo: +1112 HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Peshawa: +910 HP.
Lifesaver casts Maintenance III.
Vieroo: +701 (611 + 90) HP.
Itsmeorthedouble: lol
Itsmeorthedouble: enis are pointless now aren't they

(Guild) Healing-boss: Wow ive koloed with all 3 of you guys
(Guild) Healing-boss: Redfox your amazing man
(Guild) Red-Fox: hehe

Red-Fox casts First Aid. Critical Hit!
Predatorr: +444 HP.
Lifesaver casts Maintenance III.
Predatorr: +734 (595 + 139) HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Predatorr: +1082 HP.
Son: dat saver ....
Son: it can heal more then me
Son: :P

Red-Fox casts First Aid.
Titan: +490 HP.
Faded-Nycrophiliac: is gunna be epic xd
Red-Fox casts First Aid. Critical Hit!
Faded-Nycrophiliac: +511 HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Titan: +1132 HP.
Lifesaver casts Maintenance III.
Faded-Nycrophiliac: +748 (389 + 359) HP.
Lifesaver casts Maintenance III.
Titan: +959 (622 + 337) HP.
Faded-Nycrophiliac: xD
Faded-Nycrophiliac: fuck yeah
(Kolossium) Titan: ohoho
Sir-Swish: gg
Faded-Nycrophiliac: gee gee xD

Red-Fox casts Ambush.
Blueberry-Starburst: -516 (325 + 68 + 123) HP.
Turtles enters the Ambush (1 turn) state.
Red-Fox casts Ambush.
Blueberry-Starburst: -566 (332 + 83 + 151) HP.
Blueberry-Starburst enters the Ambush (1 turn) state.
Red-Fox casts Leek Pie. Critical Hit!
Blueberry-Starburst: -252 HP.
Harpooner casts Booboomf.
Blueberry-Starburst: -674 HP.
Harpooner casts Boomf III.
Blueberry-Starburst: -492 HP.
Harpooner casts Booboomf.
Blueberry-Starburst: -706 HP.
(Kolossium) Nipayu: nice
(Kolossium) King-Gambit: lol he got punked
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: 3200 total

(Kolossium) Rag-Doll: solid team.
(Kolossium) Rag-Doll: i wish i wasnt lvling right now XD on ghosts
(Kolossium) Rag-Doll: otherwise id stay
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ^^
Rag-Doll: gg guys
Red-Fox: gg
Budegirls-tr: gg
Liarmask: fogg very good
Rag-Doll: yeah he is
Rag-Doll: ive played against him alot
Hecure: gg for fog

Red-Fox casts Tide.
Beast-Savage: 20 Pushback Damage (1 turn)
(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: .... -.-
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: their int cra can still hit ya anyway
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i might as well expose ya so you get extra lifesaver heals
(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: true

(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: u gotta put harpooner near cra
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: no useless harpoon without evo
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: cmon man you know i can play fog
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: you wouldve been dead if i didn't do the move that exposed ya
(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: true
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: k i want to do dmg, but i got to keep ya alive
(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: sorry about having to carry me XD
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: np^^
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i know youre also a good osa

Fangeler: red
Fangeler: ur doing great
Lumotaz has logged out and will be kicked from the fight in 20 turn(s) if they do not log back in before then.
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg
Fangeler: well gg
Fangeler: just kill me.
(Kolossium) Beast-Savage: now i wanna hit XD
Fangeler: u did good job guys
Fangeler: gg for u
Head-Hunterz: was hardcore, but we did it :3
Fangeler: yea hehe
Head-Hunterz: gg too, you were a great resistence :D
Fangeler: we was close to kill osa
Fangeler: :)
Head-Hunterz: gg :)

Bolo: facking fogger
Red-Fox: gg^^

Harukage: Lol
Harukage: these op heals ....
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg guys
(Kolossium) Spaccott: gg :)
(Kolossium) Ciripmav: gg
Islamai: dont kill me
Harukage: its ok they rely on op classes to win lol
Ciripmav: really? I mean cuz there is so many foggernauts
Ciripmav: SO MANY
Ciripmav: cuz theyre like so op
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: xD
Ciripmav: and dont get me started
Ciripmav: on all the agi enis
Harukage: eni is op sac is op and a healing fog is freaking op
Islamai: alone their not good but in team ofc they are
Harukage: just shut up and kill me
Ciripmav: you're already dead
Islamai: XD

Java: the amount of heals
Java: is too damn high
(Kolossium) Java: fogg i hit cra you hit panda
(Kolossium) Bingbolo: RED-FOX IS HIS NAME
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: fog is fine^^
(Kolossium) Bingbolo: ur an amazing fogg
(Kolossium) Java: i remenber when u were 16x
(Kolossium) Java: 8 months ago :3
(Kolossium) Bingbolo: and being pro at lvl 160

Serianna casts Con. Critical Hit!
Harpooner: -513 HP.
Serianna: omg
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: heh breakwater
(Kolossium) hazunporrito: that was very well played
Serianna casts Con. Critical Hit!
Harpooner: -513 HP.
Serianna attacks with Sunshade Staff.
Harpooner: -496 (327 + 169) HP.
Serianna: what a fcking retarted spell
Maxzibit-pl: you would die hard if not for this hit
Maxzibit-pl: shit

(Kolossium) Inixus: can harpoon do the super attack now?
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yes
Stomoros: wow..
(Kolossium) Inixus: gg
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg
Stomoros: op
(Kolossium) Inixus: well done fox
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ^^
(Kolossium) Inixus: u have nice damage and play good

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: focus dmg on 1 target pls
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: dont waste ap spreading your dmg
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: spreading dmg is like giving them free fraction spell

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i want them to hit me so their dmg is spread
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ill rush their cra, just try to survive for now
(Kolossium) Mindless: kk
(Kolossium) Mindless: im going invisi now
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ok

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: nice work guys
(Kolossium) Mindless: same to you
(Kolossium) Mindless: wasnt for you we would have lost
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: na team game, even our osa dying early, means he made us live longer

(Kolossium) Eagle-Hit: gj
Espaada-San: fogs are way too much OP
Espaada-San: better then enis
Espaada-San: and sacs
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg

Kevinvem: nice fogger btw
Red-Fox: gg wp

Obitrus: Red-fox
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: hey ^^
Deadlydecoy: red fox OP
Deadlydecoy: one of dah best int foggs
Obitrus: ME to up OP guys

Abouu: you only win thanks to red fox ^^
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: nice work guys

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: dont coop, let them waste shields coming to us, if they turtle, wait until shields gone then coop>trans eca. lets 3vs1 eca

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: sac you lose +3range, no breakwater & they still got shields
to Valarmorghulis: why is our sac in a hurry to coop? he dont seem to understand tactics
from Valarmorghulis: he's dumb..

to Valarmorghulis: damned sac lol
from Valarmorghulis: hes fucking noob, wnna kollotogether after this?
to Valarmorghulis: g2g after this
(Kolossium) Valarmorghulis: U PUNISHED AT FULL VIT
(Kolossium) Valarmorghulis: WTF SAC

(Kolossium) Jayeen: red you viry gooddddddddddd
(Kolossium) Jayeen: but i bad set
(Kolossium) Jayeen: i near lvl 200 %81 i changing set
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ah k, np sac
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: nice work guys, good win

to Pulverizer: i had to quarterback our sac the whole time & he still punished ya with full vit lol
to Pulverizer: anyways gg
from Pulverizer: it was really hard for me still haha... gg

Fructae: fucking bullshit
(Kolossium) Doubtful: nice
Fructae: you hit 1500 heal 1500
Ballistae: red fox upgrade your rating

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: we cant play range sac, we need to go close & hit, they win rangefight
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: its stupid to stay far
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: sacrifice osa right away, i want to heal osa, but we are not doing dmg here
(Kolossium) Viruz: sure
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: if i heal osa, then no dmg & they are already hitting us hard
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: i have to go harpoon, this is a dmg race

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: 3100dmg^^
(Kolossium) Doom-summoner: it really worked :D
(Kolossium) Doom-summoner: really nice dmg btw
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ty
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg
(Kolossium) Viruz: gg
(Kolossium) Doom-summoner: gj

Kekkonen: finally, a team without idiots!
Kekkonen: GREAT!
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: ^^

(Kolossium) Red-Fox: gg
(Kolossium) Kekkonen: gg
(Kolossium) Zaczarowany: nice team work ;p

Red-Fox casts First Aid.
Dragoon-masq: +505 HP.
Red-Fox casts First Aid.
Red-Knight: +451 HP.
Red-Fox casts Pilfer.
Ashuroh: -412 HP.
Red-Fox: +206 HP.
Red-Fox casts Pilfer.
Ashuroh: -412 HP.
Red-Fox: +206 HP.
Ragnell: int fog OP lol
Ragnell: makes enis look like shit
Lifesaver casts Maintenance III.
Red-Fox: +586 HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Red-Knight: +813 HP.
Lifesaver casts Rescue.
Dragoon-masq: +840 HP.
Ragnell: see wtf xD

(Kolossium) Red-Knight: ill rush their eca & make them hit me, so our iop is safe
(Kolossium) Red-Knight: good, i want to be hit
(Kolossium) Red-Knight: gg guys
(Kolossium) Thesus: 12/6/6 panda op
(Kolossium) Rakeem: ikr

(Kolossium) Bellanc: hey man!
(Kolossium) Bellanc: long time no see
(Kolossium) Bellanc: how is red-fox?
(Kolossium) Red-Knight: he is retired ^^
(Kolossium) Bellanc: ah D:
(Kolossium) Bellanc: the second best fogger i have ever seen
(Kolossium) Red-Knight: :)

(Kolossium) Golden-Jaguar: so iop?
(Kolossium) Red-Fox: yep
Red-Fox casts Ambush. Critical Hit!
Kaio-xy: -374 (239 + 60 + 75) HP.
Kaio-xy enters the Ambush (1 turn) state.
Red-Fox: Increases final damage inflicted by 1% (3 turns)
Red-Fox casts Vapour. Critical Hit!
Kaio-xy: -421 HP.
Red-Fox: Increases final damage inflicted by 1% (3 turns)
(Kolossium) Trusting-traps: fox could probs kill
(Kolossium) Trusting-traps: he's pretty bad ass
Red-Fox casts Vapour. Critical Hit!
Kaio-xy: -425 HP.
Red-Fox: Increases final damage inflicted by 1% (3 turns)
Red-Fox casts Leek Pie. Critical Hit!
Kaio-xy: -190 HP.
Red-Fox: Increases final damage inflicted by 1% (3 turns)
(Kolossium) Golden-Jaguar: nice
2 seconds added to next turn.
(Kolossium) Trusting-traps: too pro
Foggernaut Dopple casts Froth.
Kaio-xy: -115 HP.
Foggernaut Dopple casts Backwash. Critical Hit!
Kaio-xy: -204 (72 + 132) HP.
Foggernaut Dopple casts Backwash.
Peth: -195 (63 + 132) SP.
Harpooner casts Booboomf.
Kaio-xy: -1 effect duration
Kaio-xy: -465 HP (dead).
(Kolossium) Trusting-traps: <3

Riders of the dragoturkey