Golden Tofu began as a guild on october the 17th 2006.

The founder and current leader "Ettefrums" is only a level 34 female Sadida, but level 300+ when adding her professions levels. This added to the really martial guild totem (a tofu) reflect perfectly the guild's tendencies

Other main members are "Grain of the south", "aiee" and "personnee" pandawas, "Iogoort", a Iop, Ennoil and Noyl Ecas Most of the members are french, but generally (with the exception of young irl members) english speaking in the game, as it is an international server. But guild chatting is usually not in english.

Some of the current professions levels available in the guild are :
Alchemist 100
baker 100
Bow sculptor 19
Farming 100,
Fisher 31
Lumberjack 66
Mining 29
Tailor 5

The main requirement to join is finding a member and being polite when asking for it. And also explain WHY you really want to join such a low level guild !
Being cool, tolerant and having a, relatively, correct grammar are appreciated.