Godly Intervention Edit

Godly Intervention is a brand new guild. We are the descendants of the powerful Intervention Gods. That is what sets us apart. It is said amongst the gods themselves, that they have seek to destroy our new found powers. They are the only ones they recognize our threat as not a guild but a nation of power. We might be new now but in a couple of years our power as a nation will grow to be amongst the strengths of this world.

Godly Intervention is a dream guild to all active players that need a home and a life.

GODLY has been consistent with its goals:

  • to bind all players who seek to be happy and have a nation(home)
  • to have fun (this means you can call other guildes names as a jk, kick other peoples butts and destroy other guild) ITS A GAME NOT REALITY!!
This guild stands as a form of a threat to all others now. We live and preserve our guild as hard work rebuilds nations.
Couple of guildes in Blop Cropped

Values of an Intervention:

  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Strength
  • Courage
  • Friendship
  • Teamwork

Do you have these and look to join the latest guild of new found power?

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History Edit

This guild was create recently ago. Made by Crusader-Saladin also known as Origomi, the current leader. It was created on Friday the 17th July 2009 Australian est. time.

Membership Edit

Membership of our guild currently 40+ including p2p. This is to help you guys become strong, to be as good as the gods themselves. We accept anyone from every continent in the world as we strive to be a nation from everywhere, where the Intervenians once strived and lived. P.S, We do help people with lvling, gear drops and professions but if you BEG for items you will be kicked. We do not tolerate these people.

Perceptors Edit

We currently have 1 perceptor. We aim to raise its Prospecting first. We aim to soon have more Percs to put a force amongst the world. But we need more descendants (you) to join us

Origomi The Leader

The Leader

Contact Edit

If you are interested in joining GODLY, please contact Origomi or any of the guilds members, with a awesome logo above their names.