"The Gobdong guild offers a variety in it's membership, geared more to teams development and character improvement, you will find a lot of independence amongst it's members."

"PVP opportunities arise constantly as the guild is active in defending and attacking percs and we do not have a demand on city alignment.

Perc defense, with many active guards including higher levels 175 and 150's online almost constantly through out the day, you can rest assured of your percs collecting when entering a fight, we encourage everyone to be involved in perc defense.

Perc attacks, There is not better way to collect resources and help level the guild then by attacking another perc. We encourage you and your teams to engage actively against percs when they are found.

Want and honour fight or get aggroed while in a hunting group. We give you the choice to participate. We will help if you want help and won't if you do not want help."

"Trading, bartering, and mutual collection. With and Enu as a leader it is no wonder our professions are generally unmatched, our resources plentiful and willingness to meat mutual assistance as our main priority. Gob Dong believes that active trading in the guild and some sharing of resources to in the long run will communitively assist each other in the development of our own characters. With an active forum site those hard to find douls and mats are a little easier. With our high level Enu task force that hard to conquer soul stone item is a lot closer to grasp. We share a strict your soul your mats policy and are looking to help benefit you. With all this sharing of resources and opportunities to gain, you may be wondering how to be protected from being taken advantage of. Other then in soul stones policy. you are not required to give any mats that you get in hunting. We have a strict no begging on the chat policy as well, if you need something you post your list of mats on the forums and you may feel free to encourage people to our website at any time."

" Recruitment"

"If you are active and P2P and willing to meet our guidelines you are welcome to join at any level. We encourage Team building and character development are happy to help with leaching and trading to develop."

"Resources and Homes We have 3 houses and 2 Paddocks as well as offer a variety of level 100 professions."