Genocdie Junkies is a new guild created on May 22,2007 by Chavez-four-life.Power was transfered to Chavez's alt Bennacio. To join contact holy-summons.

The Saints Edit

We formed an alliance with The Boondock Saints on July 17,2007. We now hold mix guild hunts and help eachother out. We are very peacful together and will not agress or attack collectors.


We formed an alliance with BLS on June 29,2007.We now hold mix guild hunts and help each other recruit members. We aren't allowed to attack each others collectors or agress each other.


genocide junkies is over due to the leader Bennacio loosing her account do to ankama not sending him an email with her changed password cause his account was "hacked"-her new account is currently f2p and name is Blood-angels, Sadia-star and Starrrr,pm her if you ever knew her.The end of Genocide Junkies met the end to allies with BLS and The Boondock Saints. The guild started falling on July 27,2007 and couldn't climb back without a leader.