General InformationEdit

Member RequirementsEdit

10% xp contribution for all new members. 2% xp contribution minimum for all ranked members.

Rank SystemEdit

Guild rank is based upon the experience given to the guild. Below is the breakdown of each rank currently offered in this guild as well as the requirements for those positions. Please note that these amounts may change depending on the make up of the guild.

Rank Contribution Other Reqs
Deserter -- 15 days of inactivity
Apprentice 200xp
Merchant 1000xp
Mentor 2000xp
Guide 4000xp
Counsellor 6000xp
Muse 9000xp
Initiate 15000xp
Scout 20000xp
Guard 30000xp


  • 30 days to 2 months of inactivity (more leeway is given during the school year, thus during that time banishment extends to the 2 month limit)
  • Lack of respect for fellow guild members and the community as a whole.


Guild House
cost: 3.000.000 kamas
aquired: 100.000 kamas
Guild Paddock
cost: 1.000.000 kamas
acquired: 100.000 kamas

Guild Website

  • website completion = 20%