General InfoEdit

Welcome to Gaia. Gaia is a group of intimate friends who depend on each other and always help each other out. We go on drop and XP hunts and also dungeon runs whenever one of our members need anything.


You have to be p2p to join the guild. 50+ is preferable. You will be on trial for a week before we get to know you and give you a rank.


No spamming unnecessary things in guild chat.

Be nice to other members of guild as well as members of other guilds.

XP donation is entirely controlled by the members as their wish.

Do not collect others' perceptors.




Second in CommandEdit


Serjjio (186)

Serjio (125)

To JoinEdit

Pm any one of the above or other trusted members like Anniemal.


Our guild has lvl 100 miner, 100 lumberjack, 100 jeweller/magus, 86 shoemaker/100 magus, 77 tailor/100 magus and more above level 60 and we work for other guild members for free whenever they need, provided that we aren't busy at that time.