Paddock Size 4

Welcome to GWAIN, the “Guild Without an Interesting Name”

About us:

  • GWAIN is a relaxed, friendly and helpful guild, focused on members’ goals.
  • We are mature, active, English-speaking players with level 20+. Mostly PvM-oriented characters (average level = 70).
  • We are friendly with all other guilds, but have no affiliations.
  • We expect members to at least say “hi” when they come online.

Members' benefits:

  • You can meet friendly, mature players.
  • You may access our guild house at Bonta <-36,-57> paddocks in Cania Plains <-17,-47>.

Ankmana castle at <2,-5>and <2,-7>

You can receive help with leveling and kama-gathering from GWAIN members dungeon runs

  • You can access professional skills of members and friends, including many mages and level 100 professions.
  • You may set your own XP contribution to the guild, with a minimum contribution of 1%.
  • You are invited to all guild activities, see Adventurers Needed.

Please join us!

  • We are recruiting new members (real-life age 18+ preferred)
  • Please contact one of our officers in-game or through the ShoutBox on our forum for a fighting/interview session:


  • leader: littleelfje