Hi We are 'G-unit' We are named at the famous group G-unit, In the group Were all Famous rappers . We are a lvl 3 guild thats looking for Fun, Active and English Speaking people..

  1. We are inviting lvl 120 + and we do alot of exp,hunts,kolossium and that kinda stuff..

Evrybody in our guild likes to talk in the guildchat.. So Be SOCIAL :D

We Now got 57 members and there will get alot more..

Rules: 1) Perceptors can be placed by anyone.. But you can only collect your own Perceptor,Not other theirs.

(when , ur offline) .Note: If your Perceptor is full. than a Second in command or high ranked will collect ur Perceptor and give u the loot when ur back online

2) Inactivity isn't a problem if u let the leader (Valkomen) know it , you can do it the day before you go offline for a long time, or you can always send him a message at, We do this because we want to stay an active guild and not a dead guild..
3)Be Friendly to other guild members.
4)With Perceptor defends: if the perceptor defend is full and there are low lvls in the defend.. Give Higher lvld people the priority to join the defends.
Allies: Lucky Strike

Maybe i'll see ya soon ;D

For invite ask: Velkomen, Valkomen ,Eni-Ninii