Here at Fury it’s a little messy… but we keep it together.

It’s about 1. Respect, 2. A good Laugh every now and then 3. Dungeon Hunts for mucho loot, and 4.Building a circle of people you can trust and count on!


* Fury Reaches lvl 49. Good Job all =P

*(April 2012) Fury Reaches lvl 45. Congratz!

*(March 2012) Fury finally filled all guild member spots while congratulating the guild on lvl 42!. Long live Fury! (Powerful-Range post).

*(February) Fury reaches the Level 40. Long live Fury!(Powerful-Range post).

*(Jan. 2012) We recently celebrated the 3 month mark (Oct. 2011 - Jan 2012) with two new paddlocks for members’ private use as well as 2 guild member houses to cool and chill down. Help us continue to strengthen our community!(Jean-Red post).

History of Fury
The creation of Fury goes a long way back, all the way to late 2009. A friend of Lucky-Lukey(whose name reaches out of his memory) had decided to togethor to make a guild. They called this guild 'Fury'. Soon after this mistery friend of Lucky-Lukey immidiately made him Leader and the next day, never saw him again. Luckey-Lukey ran this guild with some old members Mooxe and Xtra-Soggy(who now are both SiC)

Although Luke was left heartbroken after he was forced to disband his guild due to much inactivity and members. This was the story of first the first Fury.

Now Luke was more inspired to make a 2nd Fury now learning from his mistakes and some people were destined to stay with Fury and followed Luke to the 2nd Fury. This Fury had a Blue/Red logo different from the first one which had a Green/Red logo. And as Fury progressed even more newer members began to join which are now SiCs or Officers which included Electric-Legend (Skyz-Breakerz) and Powerful-Range. It seemed like it was going to last but this was misleading. The guild was managing to hold and at lvl 36 it was on Standstill. Most members were inactive and Luke(who was bored of dofus at the time) wouldn't log often and under pressure some people who stayed with Fury for long amount of time were forced to leave. But Luke and Skyz-Breakerz (Elec) decided to make a new Fury. One better and stronger than all the rest. With such vision and creativity some people stayed with Fury and never left. Powerful-Range who was now in Fire-Nation now rejoined this new guild.

This guild was not perfect and many dramas and things happened but a bright future was certain. In just 4months the guild reached lvl 43 and managed to stay within a 1~2 member slots open. With this in hand officers and SiCs joined the guild and helped us stay strong. These members included Jean-Red now SiC. {C Parantaja-nj now Officer and Zateer joined now Officer. Not long after the guild got to lvl 53 things started going downhill. Some of Furys core members such as Mooxe, Powerful-Range, Skyz-Breakerz, Relentless, Jacquie, Jean-Red, Parantaja-nj and Twillight-Sparkle left the guild 1 by 1. Luke became aware of the situation and accepted it. About 4 months later Lucky-Lukey and Skyz-Breakerz decided it is time to start things fresh and reborn the lvl 54 guild. The plan is now the leader role will change between them both so they can both have breaks, support and less pressure on them. This is the history of fury up to 9/10/12.

GUILDIES & Future Recruits:

We are an English speaking, mixed-alignment guild. You must be willing to give and not just take. We do require you to be at least a Lvl 50+ Active Treasure Hunters, Crafters, Breeders, Kolo'er, etc.

Feel free to PM Lucky-Lukey, Skyz-Breakerz.

Fury - Paddlock Astrub
Fury - Paddlock Brakmar
Fury - Group2

Courtesy of Lucky-Lukey

Main Officers: Our System:
Leader: Lucky-Lukey
SiC: Skyz-Breakerz
SiC: No Current SiC
SiC: No Current SiC

Ranks are usually given randomly (or coherent to what the individual mainly work on). Members may special request their ranks by consulting with main officers. RIGHTS, on the other hand, are more exclusvie.

Basic rights includes: 1. Invite members, 2. Manage your own exp contribution, 3. Place perceptor, 4. Retrieve loot from your perceptor and 5. Use of Paddocks.

Special rights are only given to main officers and trustworthy individuals who have proven their dependability for the guild's interest.

To become a SiC:

There is a special system to become a SiC. Once Lucky-Lukey and the other SiCs have decided an individual can be entrusted with full rights, they will received the promotion of Officer. Then when someone has been an officer for at least 1-2 months they have the chance to be promoted to SiC . To obtain this they need to show their willingness to help the guild in Exp, Kindness, Helpful, Respect and Mature. SiC is decided between the officers, current SiCs, and the leader.

{C Guild Houses/Paddocks

House(s): Paddock(s):
Amakna Small House (3, 0) Astrub (9, -14): 6-slots
Brakmar Small House (-30, 37) Brakmar (-27, 39): 3-slots

Fury Professional Circle:

Mooxe Tailor 40
Mooxe Shoemaker 43
Mooxe Jeweler 81
Mooxe Jewler magus 100
Fiery-mage Tailor 66
Fiery-mage Alchemest 77
Fiery-mage Miner 72
Fiery-mage Costomagus 61
Powerful-Range Farmer 100
Powerful-Range Baker 100
Parantaja-fin Costumagus 100
Parantaja-fin Tailor 72
Parantaja-fin Jeweller 60
Parantaja-fin Miner 38
Gilderoy Jeweller 100
Gilderoy Jewelmagus 100
Gilderoy Shoemaker ???
Gilderoy Shoemagus 100
Jaktir Jeweller(and magus) 100
Jaktir Shoe maker(and magus) 100
Jaktir Tailor(and magus)


Relentless Alchemist


Dovahkiin Miner, Alchemist, JewelMagus 100
Dovahkiin Lumberjack 68
Dovahkiin Hammersmith 47
Dovahkiin Tailor, Handyman 40

**They work free for guild members (but you have to provide runes and materials!).

**Note: This list is incomplete and is still in the making!. Those with profs please alert Luke or the SiCs as soon as possible.

XP Contribution

Lvl 100-120 = 0%(Optional)

Lvl 120-150 = 3%(Compulsory)

Lvl 150+ = 5%(Compulsory

Soul Nights/Dung Runs/Hunts/Comps:

Yes, thats right! You'll find all of the above right here in Fury. Soul nights are every 1-2weeks (souls provided by Leader and SiCs). Dungeon runs happen very often in our Fury as we are very social and helpful. We do many hunts as our favourite are of course Perceptor Hunts for that extra drop of maybe even some guild exp. We often do many Comps as well but no very often as they are very rare and demand for this low but you will find some trace of it here at Fury!.

Fury: We go for what we want!

"Additional" Photos:
Epic xp

Relentless, Marina-Ena, Jean-Red, and their friend Deezy xp hunt at fungus mobs

Fury - House No.1
In the void

In The Void

Dofus - 10.6mik xp