Frostbitten is the JR guild or ACADEMY for the MAJOR guild Ice. This guild is not only run by a fun and really nice Eni and/or Eca, but the members are really nice also. If you want to join Ice, but are too low of level, then you may join this guild till you are at Ice's required level.


  1. Do Not agress/mess with fellow Guildies or Alliances
  2. You must be level 15+
  3. Be kind, caring, and fun to be around
  4. If you cause problems before, or during your residency, you will be warned or kicked

How to join Frostbitten:Edit

  1. Either talk to someone in Frostbitten or in Ice
    1. Try to find Angelic-Sheild, BumbleBee, or others
  2. Ask us, and either we will add you, or we will ask someone who can
  3. If you have a BAD REP with us, Ice, or another Alliance, please don't even ask
  4. Rules and Alliances will get told to you right before you join, so you'll know wether to join or not.


As far as I know, the only Alliances we have are....... Ice, Indigo Prophecy, Forgotten Realms

Paddock/Guild House:Edit

We don't have them cause you will have them in Ice, for this isn't a real guild, its a guild to get you ready for Ice.