The Origins of FFH Edit

The origins story of FFH was rewritten during the 2008 franchise reboot, to give it a more compelling, darker realism that would appeal to today's generation. The current version, accepted as canon, cites Thinghealer, Smok, and Cyril leading a mass exodus of Rushu-ites to form an oppressive economic powerhouse based on Shung Fu's concept of young server economies.

Having failed in this mission, they eventual farmed Boon sets and the rest is history, hence not an Origin.

The History of FFH Edit

Attracted less by their gaming skills than their unique sense of humor and undeniable real-life age, FFH swelled in ranks to include luminaries from Rushu (Cyn, Nij), Shika (Gidgey, Brinub), and surely there's someone there from Rosal. They became a mixed-bag of epic players and nubs, getting along famously with eachother and the guilds in which their alts play (Team America, Lust, Fallout, and Parinjas, to name a few).

The Current of FFH Edit

In the winter of 2010, FFH celebrated turning 50 levels old by holding an awards ceremony. Highlights from the gala included Dehradoom being awarded the Lifetime Nubchievement Award, and Seraphii winning the coveted FFHSPOBAMOFFH (actual acronym) Award. Soon thereafter, they opened their new Corporate Smashquarters at the Lake Palace, thus fulfilling Thinghealer's vision quest, started long, long ago whilst wearing a Flud and sweating the details of a chafer fight. To paraphrase Virginia Slims Cigarettes, they've come a long way, baby.

Now they prowl amongst the rest of Solar, living proof that retards can in fact become successful.

The FFH Leader is:


The current officers are:

Viper, Onlysin, Bishemon, Whackamole.

The Governors are:

Bon, Lynt, Pitblueyz, El-Scorcho.

Space in FFH is limited due to their considerable popularity, and as such, they now have join requirements. You must be P2P and at least lvl 196 to join. You must have a friend in the guild, or must have a current member who is willing to vouch for you to get an invitation. New recruits will be placed on trial and observed for one week at which point the guild will decide if you are FFH material or not.  A 200,000 experience donation to the guild is required to get perceptor/paddock rights. Membership is extended as slots become available.

The Future of FFH Edit

It's boundless. God only knows what this band of nubs with good sets is capable of. You'd be wise to get on their good side.

To learn more about FFH or S&P, please contact any of the officers.

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