- Forgive is a guild made by Sarrasri in August of 2006. It prospered for a while as all new guilds do but eventually began to die down as members rarely or never logged on.

- After much frustration on my part and blaming myself for being a bad leader, I sold the guild to my friend who I thought would take care of it better then I ever could.

- She was busy with mastering her character and spending time with her own guild so she turned leadership to her friend who ruled for a while. She too passed the guild to someone else. It turned out to be her brother. Not many days after he gained leadership, I reclaimed the guild again as I missed it so much and because the other leaders didn't make much progress.

- Forgive is once again back in business and this time for good. If you would like to join PM Sarrasri or any of our other members.

- Sarrasri (wiccanwatcher) 04/22/2007