Introduction Edit

Flying Monkeys of Doom (F.M.O.D.) Is a new mixed alignment guild on the Rosal server. As we are new we will be making edits to this page on a regular basis. As a result some of the information provided may be inaccurate.

History Edit

Flying Monkeys of Doom was founded by Interferencia in August 2007. The name of the guild was created because it sounded nice and silly, however it is also a reference to creatures in the movie The Wizard of Oz. It is a friendly guild and focuses on team hunting and production.

Alliances Edit

Flying Monkeys of Doom is not currently aligned with any other guilds.

Recruiting Edit

To join the guild you must be level 20 or higher.

'Guild Ranks' To be Edited

On Trial: Beginning Rank. Anyone wanting to move up from On Trial must be registered on the forums first, and have reached the Apprentice exp requirement (Currently 2000exp). Donation is fixed at 10% and can not be changed under any circumstances.

Deserter: Suspected inactive people. Will be kicked within 1 week of receiving this rank unless they request it be changed.

Nuisance Anyone caught breaking the rules or other unacceptable conduct will be given a warning and demoted to this rank up to such a time as the had deemed them selves worthy again to be promoted back.

Penitent: Similar to Nuisance but with an additional requirement to be completed before promotion is permitted as punishment. Such requirement is determined by the Guild Leader.

All other ranks are being discussed and will be implemented soon. Until that time they will be used in a RolePlay sense, with no additional bonuses or requirements other than spending at least 1 month in the guild.

For all levels, a minimum 5% xp donation is required, however 1 day exemptions may be given under special circumstances.


Leader - Interferencia

First Officer - Felix

Second Officer - Domakukol

In the event of the commanding officer being unable to present for an extended amount of time, the officer next in line will serve as acting leader until which time the Leading officer returns.

Other InformationEdit

F.M.O.D. currently has no paddocks.

Advanced rights are given as they are earned.

F.M.O.D. members are prohibited from aggressions on one another, unless prior agreement has been made.

F.M.O.D. members are required to register on guild forums, those who do not will have their rank and rights reduce, until such time that they do register.

Guild OathEdit

To be formed.