Flower Power is made up of mature/older players. This makes for a less drama filled guild, usually means better behavior from our members and makes for a more understanding and helpful community.

The guild currently has four guild houses. One of which, the Lakeside Palace, is the largest one on Rosal, it features all crafting tables, numerous chests, chafer spawn (sadly removed after an update), a fishing lake, cherry tree, a poutch, etc. We also have six guild paddocks.

We have a variety of level 100 professions, which include tailor, shoemaker, jeweller, handyman, a variety of weapon smiths and carvers with their corresponding magus, all gathering professions, etc. It is also important to note that guild members have the opportunity to access these crafting services free or for a very small fee.

To become a member, you must fulfill these three basic requirements:

- You must be older then 18 or at least be able to act mature inhere.

- Your level must be at least 70. Although the majority of our players are level 120+, we still welcome anyone who is polite, humorous and who isn't too easily intimidated by our lively guild chat. ;)

- You must be P2P. It is very difficult to participate in guild events if you can't access the members-only areas.

  • If you fit any of the above requirements and wish to join, PM any of our officers in game: Ianthe, Kirhit, Erin,Mungo-Park or anyone else with a Flower Power emblem hovering over their heads. You can also apply via our guild thread in the Rosal War Room section on Imp's Village Forum, our thread on the Dofus forums or on our guild website as stated above. :)

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