Flawless, a guild on ZatoïshwanEdit

Ohai, and welcome to Flawless' guild page. -claps forever- :D

Flawless is a level 16 guild, created August 14th of 2010.

The guild leaders are Bleeding-Doll (Louise) and her awesome and nice hubby True-Genius (Cade). Flawless currently has 22 members.

We're currently trying to make the guild a lot better, so for now the level requirement is 20+. F2p (free to play) members are welcome too, as long as they have plans of becoming p2p (pay to play).

Ranks & RightsEdit

Ranks have the rights of the previous ranks as well as the rights shown for that particular rank.

(Please note: right and rank distribution method is being decided, and may change at any point.)

Rank Requirements Rights
Apprentice Current minimum recruiting level or higher. (Currently: 20+) Manage own xp contribution.
Initiate Level 50+ Invite new members, use/arrange paddocks.
Guard Level 70+ Place and retrieve loot from a perceptor.
Protector Level 100+

Craftsman and Breeder ranks will be given upon request. These ranks are only to show that you are an active breeder, or have a high level profession. People with the Craftsman rank will keep the rights they currently have. People with the Breeder rank will have the rights they currently have, as well as access to the paddock (if they don't have it already.)
Other ranks will be given depending on how you act and are. Other rights may be asked for, though it depends on what the leaders think.

Relationships with the leaders also counts toward what ranks and rights people have.


Some guild rules (no, really!)


There aren't really any rules for /g, just as long as you're not being a total jerk. Cussing is allowed, but if someone asks to stop, please respect them.


For perceptors, right now it's personal perceptors. However, when defending, the higher levels online will defend first, then the lower levels fill in.

Player versus Player (PvP)Edit

Since this is a mixed alignment guild we'll need a PvP rule too. For subscribers above level 50 - If you get a target in the guild, make sure to ask them if they want to PvP. If they do not, respect that and find another target. For everybody - If we hear anything about ganging we'll look into it, and the reason why you did it. If it was only "because you were bored" or "they didn't wanna PvP" or anything like that, it's out. If you had an acceptable reason, and don't do it again you'll just have a week with some kind of punishment. :D (like a right or rank taken from you)


Yawning is forbidden.

Allies & EnemiesEdit

Allies Enemies

That's all I can think of for now, so hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading. :D -claps more-

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