Flawless is a homely guild where everyone is welcome! The leader Bleeding-Cake created this guild as a remake of the guild 'Perfection' which was lost when a character was transferred to a different server! However, it grew in a different way and is growing stronger all the time! From the start, the leader kept in mind what people look for in a guild. Friendly people who like to do things together, Paddocks for 'making babies' and houses to be able to refer to each other as family. The leader cares about each and every one of her guildies as individuals and as a whole so don't be afraid to go to her with questions! Being in Flawless isn't about being well.... Flawless... it's the steps that imperfect people take toward becoming their version of 'Flawless'!


Bleeding-Cake, Dollfie, Boniita, Baby-Angel or Drunken-Princess for information on how to join this amazing guild!

{C You won't regret joining us, we promise!