This guild has an interesting history. It was one of the first on the server, and the first to get a paddock (after the level 30 contest...which we lost). We were definately the first to have a house and paddock on the same screen. The guild fell apart about 3 months ago, and I, Bramble-Picker, have decided to bring it back to life, starting with new blood on the server, and working it into the strong team it once was.

Certain high levels still remember the impact that this guild had at the beginning of Zatoishuan because it's leader got in the face of many influential people, but all the same, she made Zato a fun place for those boring levels between 50 and 100. This guild was an upstart guild, constantly challenging the perceptors of obviously stronger guilds like Innuendo and Profus, and occasionally, we held our own. That philosophy has stuck with me over the months, and to this day, I believe that even a level 20 with a character played correctly can make a difference in pvm or pvp.

To find FoH a good place to live, you must minimally know how to play your character, and be willing to put in the grunt work for your own levels/sets. As leader, I am willing to help (not leech) you, as are many of the other members of our community. We are not a guild of givers, we are a guild of helpers. At least, that is my aspiration as leader. My hope is to acquire a broad range of professions, a broad range of levels and classes, and be able to work together towards the high levels.

Notable members

Council Members; Bramble-Picker, Ashalind, Hopeless, or Kmatt are often online at any given time and are willing to talk to you and help you out. You should contact one of these members with any inquiries your may have.


Currently there are no restrictions on membership. Just ask one of our guildies!


Kmatt is planning to try and run small events each week if he can find enough time to be online such as Soul day's in arena, Hunt a ton of this random stuff kinda thing and also some general let's spam these dungs for whatever reason we wnt to whether it be a mat alot of us need or for shits and giggles.