(as of February 2008)

"Fighters" was created by a group based in Belgium. The name was chosen as a homage to Thomas Edison, as the leader's last name is Edison.

Members of the guild are based around the world and include both English speakers and French speakers.

History Edit

Started on Rosal in early 2007.

Officers Edit

The officers work as a team to direct the affairs of the guild. If you have issues or problems, please contact one of the officers. They can often be found in merchant mode at [3,-20] in Astrub.

  • Leader: -greged- (lvl 74)
  • Second in command: -thetimer-
  • Second in command: jedder
  • Second in command: rykke
  • Treasurer: jettison

Some of the information presented on this page refers to "alter-egos" of the officers. This information is provided so that guild members know who they should contact for information like profession gathering and crafting.

Professions Edit

Being part of a guild means you have a network of people with a variety of Dofus professions. It means you don't need to have a high-level gatherer and crafter of every profession.

Contact these guild members for resources, crafting, advice for levelling up the profession, etc.

(Don't feel the need to give your specific level, but a general idea - like 3X to mean somewhere between 30 and 39, inclusive. That way guild members know how many slots you can craft or what types of resource you can gather. And don't bother adding yourself to this list if you are below level 10 in the profession - unless it is a difficult profession to learn, like breeder or similar). NB: "level" is your level in the Profession, not in your class.

Profession Name Level
Alchemist jettison 5X
Farmer (alter-ego of jedder) 100!!!
Fisherman xxx  ???
Hunter jedder 6X
Lumberjack jettison 3X
Lumberjack slyphee 50
Miner (alter-ego of jettison) 8X
Carvers and Smiths
Profession Name Level
Dagger smith (alter-ego of -thetimer-) 2X
Hammer smith (alter-ego of jettison) 2X
Shovel smith jedder 5X
Profession Name Level
Baker (alter-ego of jedder) 100!!!
Butcher (alter-ego of jedder) 6X
Fishmonger -thetimer- 3X
Handyman jedder 2X
Jeweller -greged- 7X
Shoemaker -thetimer- 6X
Tailor -sylphee- 6X
Profession Name Level
Costumagus sylphee 100!!!
Jewelmagus -greged- 7X
Shoemagus -thetimer- 5X

Note to guild members: As should be obvious from this list, the guild needs :

  • Carvers
    • Bow carver, Staff carver, Wand carver
  • Smiths
    • Axe smith, Sword smith, Shield smith