Welcome to 'Fear The' guild page.

Note: Most of guild members are not playing right now

About Edit

Guild 'Fear The' is a PvP guild. We don't care about level of guild or it's members, we care about rank and even more about how original you are.

Our guild's name looks perfect with about 5~7 letters name. And big Brakmarian wings, of course.

If you care, our guild level is more than 10 right now and growing.

Recruiting Edit

Our guild is still quite new, so we don't have many members, but we'll start recruiting soon. We'll invite a few groups of characters:

PvM players Edit

Like higher level agility Iops or intelligence Cras. We need some PvM players to help getting experience for our members. They can be neutral.

Unique build players Edit

If your build is rare and you still 'pwn', you can join our guild. We're helping all unique players in getting experience. They can be neutral, but should be pretty good at PvP as well.

PvP players Edit

Here we don't care about level, just about wings. If your rank is higher than 6~7 or you're really good in PvP, we will let you join. Also, you have to be Brakmarian. We hardly ever recruit Bontarians.

More important players Edit

Here you can read about more important players in our guild, like leaders or people with high rank.

Name Build & Class Level Description
Ihuarraquax Agility Iop 13X PvM character, leader of 'Fear The'; exp's everyone and helps in game, she also has some PvP characters.
Rozpierdzielatorka Chance Pandawa 100 PvP/PvM character, second in command; 5 rank; now making other characters, sometimes exp's people; main character of all Oh-*** characters in guild.
Oh-Noo Chance Feca 31 PvP character, first Oh-*** character; 10 rank.
Oh-Fck Damage Sacrier 40 PvP character; use Darkness' Tormentator in PvP; we hardly ever play on him now; 10 rank.
Oh-Nah Chance Eniripsa 54 PvP character; one of first, if not first, low level PvP chance Eni on Rushu; 10 rank.
Oh-Yah Agility Sacrier 36 PvP character; at first, used Bandit Archer Bow in PvP, now typical Agi Sac, just with a lot of HP and Agi; 10 rank.

List will be updated as soon as more important characters will appear in our guild.

Notes Edit

  • Page is not finished yet. Probably, it will never be.
  • Our guild hardly ever recruit anyone, so you have to be really good to join.
  • Most of our members left Dofus now, but you sometimes can see us. Maybe we will be back. And if we will, no low/mid level Bontas will be safe!