Fate's Destiny is a guild for players who care about friendship first, and power leveling last. We at one time were a strong guild but have seen many of our older higher level players leave the game. We are currently rebuilding and are welcoming newer members. We will be needing to find some strong players that we can promote to the Second In Charge level. We believe strongly in helping all of our members but we will not tolerate members who only wish to get help and will not help others. We have 1 paddock in Brak. We also have a common guild house in Astrub as well as a large Seconds only house in Brak. The guild house in Astrub is stocked with useful items that will be available to all members. We welcome all alignments in our guild. Our leader is MonieStar, and her many alts. We currently only have one Second In Charge, War-Kenator (MonieStar's real life and in game husband). If you would like to join feel free to contact anyone that has our emblem.