History Edit

Fallen Angel; Our fearless Singaporean leader, -bax- leads us into battle.

The guild has been around since almost the beginning of Rushu itself. Though the origins of the guild are mainly from Singapore, Fallen Angel generally has people from all over the world.

Fallen Angel has merged with many guilds over the past. Strong and weak. It's has not always been good for Fallen Angel, but -bax- still see's the good in it and continues to improve it still.

On February 24th Fallen Angel merged with Tipsy. (Current)

Invitation Edit

To join Fallen Angel, please message: -bax- (Leader), Kieran (Second in Command), Zombo (Second in Command) or any one you see with the guild tag.

Just state your level, class, and why you want to join!

Requirements Edit

  • To join Fallen Angel you must be level 90 or higher. Some exceptions are made.
  • You must speak understandable English.

Rules Edit

  • No begging for items, money, or EXP. If you ask politely someone might be willing to help you drop mats or something but if you beg, you can expect a warning or ban.