How is was born? Edit

This guild was born around july , i can't remember when although...I left -SPARTANS- and created my own guild but i was not sure whether if it is going to be successful . During 2007 , many guilds were created , many have fallen too...Knowing there are competitors outside i still created :) . I spend hours thinking over a guild name , a meaningful name for my guild not all those kind of strange name...So finally me and my brother came to 2 final names Faithful Warriors and Faithful Knights . Faithful Warriors was chosen and born

Requirement to Join Edit

1. Lvl : 45+ 2. P2p or F2p 3. Active

Ranks Edit

  1. Second in Commands : Handpick
  2. Treasurer : 60 ~ xxx
  3. Protector : 50 ~ 59
  4. Reservist : 45 ~ 49
  5. On Trial  : Below 45 (Only on this Rank when you are one of our guildmate friend and are not 45)

To join , pm SiangLong or Silfa

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