Exclamation was created on the Shika server on August 17, 2009.

The leader (Youngie-Lawl) is a 4x Sram who is leveling fast. The guild is expanding quickly.

Our guild is all about helping people, having fun, and of course being the best ;)

ranking Edit

~You join you get Scout with rights to invite and change your xp. Your xp is set to 2% but you can change it.

~Anyone who has been with the guild for a little while and they are lvl 50 (will change) or more will be a guard. Lvl 80+ will be a protector. Both with rights to invite, change your xp, and perc rights.

~Anyone who donates over 3.5k xp to the guild will be a Treasurer (xp amount will change) and will have rights to percs, to invite, to change your xp, and Paddock rights, which we don't have yet.

Additionally, If you've been with the guild for a while, you can usually ask for a certain rank (Not SiC, Treasurer, Guard, or protector) and You will get that rank. Rights will be given accordingly.

We have no house or paddock currently, but that could change. Maybe not soon, because this is my very first character on Shika, but over time with a bit of help we can get one :D

That's pretty much all you need to know about the guild, to Join just ask any of our members if you see us around, or send a pm to (Youngie-Lawl), (Carath) or (Whiskofluck).

Also check out our forums -