• 'EX is a brand new level 4 guild. growing fast in members that are friends are requirements right now are level 10+ but that will soon change.
  • we only take mature players that play fair and arent annoying.
  • requirements are level 15+ at the moment and 10% exp given to the guild.
  • the leader of the guild is Ex (how ironic)
  • people you should contact to join:

-mrkone- : "this guild might be new, but all guilds started out new including the great ones such as horizon, gobbal hunters, xplicit, and last but not least elders of amanka. I have played to see them rise, and the fall of some of these guilds. but now the newest guild ' 'ex ' will be the next guild that will be called great. not just because im in it, because were all dedicated, active friends. our guild might be low now, but it wont be for long"

Ex: "Our guild may be new but we currently have 22 memebers, most decent levels about 30+, I rank based on not just lvl but exp given as well, Most of our officers are very active people, and are usually helpful to all that need help, most of us have had more than 1 character therefor, having lots of experience in the world of dofus, making it easier to help other members."