Eudaimonia, a friendly and helpful guild of quality people levels 60-133, is currently recruiting! Tired of drama, attitude, and elitism? Think guilds should be about helping everyone develop their characters in a fun and relaxed atmosphere? Then we are the guild for you. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Yuekichi or Frier-Tuck. Note to Brakmarian players: While we are a mixed alignment guild, our guild house is located in Bonta.

Requirements Edit

You must agree to the Basic Rules on our guild forum site (see link above). We welcome everyone who agrees with our guild philosophy... while our main guild currently has a minimum level requirement of 60, our training guild, Eudaimonia Lyceum, accepts people of all levels (Eudaimonia Lyceum). Members of the Lyceum have first priority to join the main guild when they reach the level requirement. We ask in either case that you be a paying member of Dofus so that you will be able to join us in our many guild activities.