Like many other guilds Eternal is run by a council who make the final decisions towards the guild.

Guild Training ProgramEdit

Eternal offers a training program to all levels and is run by the council. The Training Program is designed to help level any levels by dungeon runs, XP hunts,... All applications for this program are sent directly to any member of the council.

Guild RanksEdit

Ranks are awarded based on guild xp donations, some rights go hand in hand with rank, others are awarded based on a decision made by the council.

Rank Guild XP Donation Details and Rights
On Trial None This rank is given to those who have just joined the guild, at this stage you may still be kicked from the guild without a reason.
Apprentice 1000 Distribute XP** This rank is given to members after they have been with us a short while =P.
Initiate 5000
    • This is where your journey will really begin, you have donated enough XP for other guildees to start trusting in you, to join dungeon runs and enjoy the Relentless Fury experience.
Secretary 20000 Place and collect a perceptor** This rank is the next step on the ladder to success. You have proven yourself trustworthy, and are gaining the respect of the council.
Diplomat 35000 You've proven yourself friendly, trustworthy and active in-game. More is expected of you in the guild, joining in with guild events is a must.
Scout 50000 Defending perceptors is now an important part of your guild activity, as is scouting other guild's perceptors. Knowing the strengths of other guild members is very important in this role.
Guard 65000 This rank encourages you to spend more time with other guild members, protecting them in dungeons, providing extra assistance when needed.
Governor 80000
    • A rank reserved for he/she who is fully dedicated and trustworthy is the eyes of the council. Acts as eyes and ears within the guild. All problems go through the Governor before put before the council if necessary.
Reservist 100000 Manage the ranks** Level 100 minimum** Dedication is a must. Reservists will defend perceptors whenever they can. Trust is a major factor and is reflected in additional responsibility.
Protector 150000 The highest rank achievable without being put before the council vote.
Treasurer 200000 Full Paddock Rights** The third highest rank in our guild, treasurers are expected to shoulder the weighty responsibility. They must make sure every guild member feels happy about decisions within Eternal and communicate this back to the council.
Second in Command XP Donation is at leader's discretion All rights** Second in Commands will never extend to more then 4 and will form the council along with our illustrious leader.
    • These ranks are given to those most trusted within the guild, They have all the rights needed and must have the respect of all guildees. When dealing with a problem you may approach these before the leader if needed, they are also encouraged to help with changing ranks etc...
Council You don't contact them, they'll contact you.

Guild ChatEdit

Why a section on guild chat? Well, do you remember Incarnum chat and how insane it can get? As a result, a few recommendations to guild members:

    • No spam selling in guild chat, if you are thinking of selling some of your items let us know, especially if you are willing to offer at reduced cost to guild members, but don't continually offer the same things over and over again.
      • It's good to say you are looking to buy an item, you never know whats kicking around in the back of someone else's cupboards.
    • No spam offers to buy items - especially at significantly below market value. Who wouldn't be annoyed at offers to buy your mushrooms at 100 kamas? Everyone knows a mushroom strogonoff would be preferable (Actually no - take the mushrooms! bleugh)
    • No fight chat - if you are in a fight with guild members (unless its a guild event) dont litter the chat with requests to hit the one on the left, people not in the fight have no idea what you are talking about. Group chat please!

Guild ChatEdit

    • No spam selling (or offers to buy resources cheap) in guild chat.
    • Keep fight chat in group chat please. It doesm't mean anything to other guild members if they are not in the fight.

Guild RelationshipsEdit

We are a guild with no allies and no enemies, but we do share the same principals as the guild Equilibrium.

Guild Houses and PaddocksEdit

Eternal has 4 houses and 4 paddocks in Astrub, leaving 1 paddock space and 1 house space for the future.


First and most important - You must have a good attitude and display maturity in the presentation of yourself. We're a crew of mostly late 1x- early 3x age-wise, and we try our best to make our new members feel right at home. In addition to that - you must be Level 140+.

Founders & HistoryEdit

2nd guild on the server, created by Queen and later taken over by Queen's appointed officer Envy.

Players must be active, willing to donate a small amount of XP and P2P.

Mainly created to participate in guild battles for enjoyable group PvP, also to recruit for higher level dungeons.

Completly unrelated to the guild by the same name on rushu (was unaware there was one until after the guild was created).

Known Alliances were with Rebirth, Superlative.

Major Opponents were Omni, Knights Templar, Dragon Slayers.

This guild is no longer inactive and is under the control of a council. It will recruit exclusively and remain small until further notice