No Alt policy Edit

In our guild there is an no alt policy meaning that if you want to be in our guild you should have your main character in our guild as every person is allowed 1 place in our guild, and in this way everyone will get a place and our guild will not be populated with many characters from 1 person.

G-rated chat Edit

In our guild we will only allow g-rated chat at all times thus creating a family-friendly enviorment for both out younger and older players. While sarcasm is allowed we do not want anyone in our guild to feel unwanted or ridiculed as we would like to have a fun and active guild, so the general rule is that if you wouldn't see it in a Disney cartoon don't say it in our guild

Guild Requirements Edit

  • Our guild requires that you are at least level 20, while you may be in the guild if you are not u will be on trial till you are,with only the invite members right.

You must be a fun-loving person

You must be active (at least play twice a week for at least 1 hour each)

If you are below the minimum requirements for the guild you will be by no means be excluded from the guild, unless the leader has a quarrel with you and decides that you shouldn't be in the guild anymore