Esprit de CorpsEdit

Esprit de Corps was created on April 2009 by its Malaysian leader. Currently it has its guild house located at [3,-4] in Amakna region and at [-47,19] in Otomai Island with a paddock with 9 breeding spaces located at [-29,46] at Brakmar region and the other paddock with 9 breeding spaces located at [-28,-51] inside Bonta. Invitation to the guild can be done by the members who have the rank of Scout and higher (XP of 30,000 or more). Those members who had donated more then 80,000 of XP will be given the rank of Treasurer and special rights in the guild. The name "esprit de corps" is taken from the France word meaning "group spirit; sense of pride, honor, etc. shared by those in the same group or undertaking" with the blue unity shield upholding the guild's red emblem on it.


Ranking in the guild depends on the amount of XP that the members contribute to the guild. The list of ranks in the guild and the amount of XP are as follows:

Rank Total amount of XP contribute to guild
Treasurer 80,000 and above
Protector 70,000
Craftsman 60,000
Reservist 50,000
Guard 40,000
Scout 30,000
Spy 20,000
Diplomat 10,000
Secretary 9,000
Treasurer Hunter 8,000
Governor 7,000
Counselor 6,000
Chosen One 5,000
Guide 4,000
Mentor 3,000
Recruiting Officer 2,000
Apprentice 20
On Trial 0

Ranking RightsEdit

Rights given to the members are currently as follows:

Rights Leader Second In Command Treasurer Scout Treasure Hunter Chosen One Level 100 and more Level 60 and more
Manage boost X X X
Manage rights X
Invite new members X X X X X
Ban X X
Manage guildmates XP X X
Manage own XP X X X X X X X
Manage the ranks X X
Place perceptor X X X X X X
Collect from perceptor X X X X X X
Use the paddock X X X X X
Fit out the paddock X X X X X
Manage others mount X X

Last update on: Sunday