About UsEdit

Enu-Power is a small, informal, neutral guild on the Rosal server. We aim to collect Enus (presently only enus, eventually a small number of enis may be added) of all levels, helping them level and organizing hunts. The guild is not yet very active, due to the low number of members.


We have a L100 shovel smith/magus and several other crafts represented, and are currently looking to buy our first paddocks. When enough members join, we will start a wiki to coordinate our efforts.


Enu-Power is strictly neutral in the bonta-brakmar conflict - its members may have alignment but are not to use guild chat or organize guild activities that are part of that conflict. Conversation is presently in English and German, but other languages are ok too. Selling things in guild chat is not forbidden but is discouraged and if people ask you to cut it out, stop.

Giving to the guildEdit

Enu-Power doesn't mandate an XP donation - 5% would be appreciated but is not necessary. All members will have the ability to alter their XP donation level as they see fit. Users are encouraged to help other members out, by letting them leech in battles, giving mats they don't need, etc. People who ask a lot of the guild but never give anything are frowned upon.


Percs are largely the responsibility of those who set them, and are only loosely considered "guild business". Attacks on percs set by other guilds are also only loosely considered guild business. Struggles over percs should not be considered sufficient reason to define other guilds as an "enemy" - our guild is loose enough that perc attacks are more a matter of individual guild members' tendencies/interests. It is not considered mandatory to defend guild percs.


As mentioned, all members will have the right to manage their own XP. Beyond an initial period, they have broad latitude in choosing the name of their rank (the actual privileges they have will not differ widely). People who can set percs are expected to coordinate with each other to choose how to distribute perc points - this privilege comes some time after full membership. The number of people who can manage mounts will depend on how many paddocks we have at the time. Members are generally permitted to invite other enus once they've had a chat with grep.


Enu-Power should remain as informal as it can while being useful to its members as a guild, and ideally more mirrors a circle of friends than an organization. People are expected to be reasonably civil to each other and not be abusive to the greater dofus community. Apart from as defined above (which may be modified later as necessary), members have a high degree of autonomy within the guild. Members who are sufficiently irritating might be asked to leave.


Send a PM to grep (or alt strace) or LuckyLucky (alt Feline-chili).