Story of Enmity

On October 5th a strong Osamoda(Xyger) said to his brother Eath "I want to create guild...a strong one".And on that same day at night...Xyger had a fight..and level up to 90 and on that fight he dropped a guildalogem!

He went to the guild creation temple... and with the magic of the gem he made Enmity! A guild of hatred and darkness.

Requirements Edit

For the requirements are you have to be level 40 or higher.You must be active to help defend perceptors and help or play with other members of Enmity.You must try to give 10% of the experience to the guild.

  • Level 40+
  • Must be active and accept 10%
  • Friendly

Ranks Edit

The ranks of this guild are based on your activity towards the guild and the experience you have gained for the guild.

Initiate: 5000 exprience and 1 day of active.

  • Invite

Guard: 10000 exprience and 1 week of activeness.

  • Invite
  • Place collector.

Protector: 15000 and 2 weeks of activeness.

  • Invite
  • Place collector
  • Get resources from perceptor

Treasurer 20000 and 3 weeks of activeness

  • Invite
  • Place collector
  • Get resources,kamas,items from perceptor

Second in Command Chosen by leader. 30000 expreince and 1 month old in guild.

  • Invite
  • Place collector
  • Get resources,kamas,items from perceptor
  • Manage experience and ranks

Mascot Only if you are a Ecaflip,Pandawa,Eniripsa.

  • Same as Second in Command.

CraftsmanLevel 60+ proffesion.Gathering and food producer professions do not count.

  • Place collector
  • Get resources,kamas,items from perceptor

BreederLevel 60+ and must have 2 Dragoturkeys

  • All rights that are related to breeders.


We have a guild paddock of 6 mounts and 6 breading items.

Rules Edit

We do not accept people that do flame others and have a negative attitude or people that a perverts.You have to at least give 5% to the guild.Do not agress your guildies.Must be active or you will be kicked.

  • No flaming
  • No negative attitude
  • Minimum 5%
  • Do not agress guildies
  • Must be active
  • Break these rules and you will be kicked or warned.