Requirements Edit

The minimum level to enter is 20

There have been exceptions to the above rule. However, keep in mind if you are below lvl 16, we will not consider an exception to let you in.

Having said that, although it is not a requirement to be p2p, we would like to keep the guild p2p as much as possible, so that guild members can do activities together, and not be restricted in any way.

Rankings Edit

On Approval
Below Lvl 20.
Lvl 20+.
Lvl 25+, 1,500 Exp given.
Lvl 40+, and Lvl 50 Crafting Profession, 10,000 Exp given. (ie: Baker, Alchemist, Weapon Smith, Tailor, Jewler, Shoe Maker.)
Lvl 40+, 25,000 Exp given.
Lvl 40+, 35,000 Exp given.
lvl 50+, 45,000 Exp given.

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