Einherjar Rising is a Mixed Alignment guild that is the reincarnation of Einherjar Trading Corp, the previous Einherjar training guild. Einherjar Rising (Rising) is the sister guild of Einherjar. The goal of the members of Rising is to progress to Einherjar when they reach the required level (120) and are of Brakmarian alignment, although some exceptions are made. Members of Rising are given priority over those outwith the Einherjar family.

UPDATE: Einherjar Rising is currently on hiatus, pending reformation.

Requirements Edit

Einherjar Rising has an open-door recruitment policy. This means that applicants can be of any class or alignment to join. We do require that all new members are level 40+ now and display certain levels of maturity, personality, and competence. However, if a Rising member wishes to move up to the main guild, they are required to be level 120+ and of Brakmarian alignment, or willing to switch alignment before they join. Guild experience tax is a static 1% for all members.

Other Information Edit

Einherjar Rising, Einherjar, and Einherjar Trading Corp are part of the larger Einherjar organization. For an overview of what it means to be in EHJ, please see the Einherjar Charter for the general principles of the Einherjar. Einherjar is more than just Dofus, and contains regiments in several other online games. The Einherjar organization boasts several hundred active members.

Historically the Einherjar training guild did not use perceptors and had little organization. Rising is rather different, in that its day to day affairs are handled by a council appointed from its own membership. Alts in the guild are limited to those used to connect its members to Einherjar herself, and the perceptor system is finally seeing some real use with fresh perceptor abilities. For Rising members, guild rank is not determined by xp donations, but by time, commitment, and necessity. Lastly, please have fun and contribute where you can! Ideas are always appreciated and we're always looking for more quality members!