edge is dead,what a shame..... well think again. Two young adventurers are giving this guild a makeover,with a brand new logo and a slightly different name -Edge- these two friend are trying to raise edge from its ashes and give this old guild the respect and aknowledgment it deserves

But to give -Edge- its former glory your help is needed! just click the link below for more information


Recruitment RangeEdit

Edge is currently looking for
  • Level 130lvl Players For normal Guild Members.

Guild is always meant to be a Invite-Free guild. Each and everyone of players are considered equal therefore there will not a waiting list or need for approval of any other member. Recruitment is a basic right of everyone which members are free to use on First Come First Served basis given the candidate is within the range of players guild is looking at the moment of recruitment.

XP TaxEdit

Ekhm! Normal xp tax is 3%! Go for it!

  • 40k Guild Xp Member is able to perceptors rights.
  • 60k Guild Xp Member is able to invite new members.
  • 80k Guild Xp Member is able to use paddocks.


In the following times Edge will take part in both sides of conflicts and offer variablity, we will be of mixed composition regarding allignment. Bonta's and brakmar's are welcomed to join at any stage.

Final WordsEdit

Edge emphasizes on term First Come First Served for drop gathering considering perceptors. Also for recruitment status.

Join EdgeEdit

If you share our taste in gameplay and willing to join you can ask for any member you see out there for invitation.

Hope to see you as a part of our team.