Information about the guild Edit

As you maybe already know Dynamite is a mixed alignment guild on rushu we accept lvl 30+ preferable and our guild level is 23.And we have 2 paddocks.

History Edit

Dynamite was created in 2006 by Dutch Arnold (a level 150+ Osa). In 2008 Battler (a level 100+ Sram) became guildleader. Black-Pride is now guildleader.

Recruiting Edit

We accept people that are nice and active. Maturity isn't required, but it's always good to have because we don't want drama or fights in the guild. If interested in joining, just PM Battler (level 100+ Sram), Donker-oma (level 70+ Enu), Angels-armor(level 70+ Feca) or Flatulente-Sacri (level 40+ Sac) at the Rushu server.

Rules Edit

We are a mature guild, so no baby talk please. Also no stealing and attacking of other guild members. For the other rules, PM Battler or the guild leader in-game.

Why should you join? Edit

  • We are very friendly.
  • We do a lot of dungeons and hunts. We also help lower level people with xp hunts.(If you're a higher lvl we help you, too!)
  • For those of you who are from Belgium or The Netherlands: there is a major advantage for you, because there are lot of Dutch speaking people in this guild.
  • Do not hesitate, join now!