Guild History Edit

The guild was created by our current leader Maltese-Killer at the 4th of August, 2011 when he decided to start his own community. A place where members are treated equally within the guild and are given the opportunity to kick back and relax in a fun environment.

Recently, Dreamfields also created an alt guild called xx-Dreamfields Kralove Crew-xx (level 1, 13 members).

Guild Rules Edit

  • We are allied with Pumas, so please do not attack them if found and proven to have done so, consequences will follow.
  • Those wishing to join must have a level of 160 or above.
  • The ability to speak English fluently.
  • Perceptors will be given after you have proven yourself worthy to the guild and shown an active spirit towards to the guild chat.

What makes you suitable for us? Edit

  • You must be able to give and take the banter.
  • You will respect the guild rules and follow them at all cost.
  • You are dedicated to the guild and are willing to join on your main character.

Joining Edit

If you believe you are suitable, then contact one of the following in-game.

  • Maltese-Killer or Semuki
  • -huntdown-
  • Plop-Tarded
  • Denu
  • Anckyl