~"Dare to Dream"~


Must be level 30 to be approved. However, you may join at lvl 25, where you would be placed on a "timer" of around two weeks for you to level up to level 30. If not level 30 by that time, we will, sadly, have to kick you out. There are no alignment preferences for admission to the guild. Membership isn't required.


  • Servant - Lvl 30
  • Defender - Lvl 35
  • Manufacture - Lvl 40
  • Keeper - Lvl 45
  • Treasurer - Lvl 50
  • Officer - Handpicked


Be respectful, friendly, and caring to guild members. No aggression guild members. When placing perceptors, whoever paid the money to place it receives the items collected. If you would like any items that are collected ask the person who placed the perspector first.


Dream was started by Starfish/xAshleyx/Glam. Later on, Ryukensu obtained the guild. Since then, Dream has gone through some hard times, but the loyal members of the guild would not see it fall, so they joined together to fix up the guild. Nowadays, Dream is thriving and has become a very friendly, crazy, and active guild.