Dragoon was born when SCORCH split into to guilds Dragoon and His Infernal Magesty. Originally formed by Crystalina, but soon many members from SCORCH joined Dragoon. Dragoon was a fast growing guild, it was more like a family. After 3 months, the former Treasurer (Scrier) took a break in Dofus. It lasted about five months, but Scrier was finally back to Dofus, but Dragoon was devastated, only one member left (Crystalina) but he had also quited Dofus... Crystalina loged on Dofus for the last time in the same day as Scrier did, and told him everything that happened during Scriers absence. Crystalina passed the guild to -Art (a close friend, former member.) However -Art did not want to be Dragoon's new leader because he thought that Dragoon would never be the same, so after a short period of time he contacted Scrier inviting him to the guild, and in the same day, -Art passes Dragoon to Scrier. Scrier invited his friend MardoQII to help him rebuild Dragoon, to its golden days. Will they ever make it?

Dragoon is currently recruiting members lvl70+ so if you want to join please contact Scrier or Rich-Mardo

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