Dragon Knights is a guild created by Wickedpain (Sacrier, Female, Lvl 11X)

Recruitment CriteriaEdit

There are some requirements that we ask before one may join the Guild just to insure the growth of the Guild!!

  1. ) We ask that all Guild members be active within the Guild.
  2. ) We ask for our members to be at least 30+.
  3. ) We are looking for people who have great attitudes and who will not bring drama to the guild ,who are willing to respect and be there for their fellow Guildmates.
  4. ) We ask that that all members give at least 10 percent of their exp towards the guild to ensure the growth of the guild.
  5. ) All are welcome Alignment is Mixed

Information on Dragon KnightsEdit

Officers: Blunted Lvl 12X Onion-Knight Lvl 13X Shinva Lvl 12x Livewire Lvl 98 Nemisess Lvl 112 Wicket Lvl 89

We love to lvl, have fun with each other and help each other when needed were great people so if you would like to join just pm me ^^