DragonSlayers is a guild for playes over level fifty; most members are from Europe.

Basic Information Edit

Lilla-tjejen and Dreamhawks found a guildologem and created the mighty guild known as Dragonslayers. It is now led by Lilla and her officers PixieMinx and Parasite.

Its guildmates like to hunt together and have fun; we welcome members with a good sense of humor.

Requirements to Join Edit

  • You must be over level fifty to join, and you should play on a regular basis.
  • You should try to help when someone in the guild needs assistance.
  • Don't argue over small things in the guild--after all, we are friends!
  • You must speak English on guild chat.
  • Again, you must be active if you want to stay in the guild!

Rules Edit

Join to see the full rules.

6% experience given is standard, but you control your own donation; you need to reach 1,000 XP given to the guild before leaving On Approval.