In Greek myth, dragon's teeth feature prominently in the legend of Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece. Dragon's Teeth, once planted, would grow into fully armed warriors.

Rules Edit

Are very simple...we are here to have fun. With that in mind....

  1. Respect given to all, and recieved from all. (That means take the trash somewhere else)
  2. See Rule #1

The Council Edit

The council shall have the power to decide all matters. Members of the Council shall include the Leader, Second in Commands, and Protectors.

Ranks Edit

Promotion in the rank is decided according to the xp that is given to the guild.

There is no "On Trial"

Everyone comes into the guild as an Apprentice.

Guide - 5,000 xp

Initiate - 15,000 xp

Scout - 30,000 xp

Guard - 50,000 xp

Reservist - 75,000 xp

Protector - 100,000 xp

Special ranks may be given, but shall be decided by the members of the Council. A magus may request the rank "Craftsman", if decided upon favorably, it shall be awarded. Other ranks such as Spy, Diplomat, Treasure Hunter, etc, shall be decided in the same manner.

Rights Edit

Are also earned.

5,000 xp - Manage the distribution of xp

15,000 xp - Use the paddock

30,000 xp - Place a perceptor, Collect from a perceptor

50,000 xp - Invite new members

Special Boosts Edit

Upon reaching the rank of Protector, a mount can be requested from the paddock. (The mount requested must be approved by the Breeder)

Due to the value of the contents of the Guild House chest, the code will be reserved, and given only to the most trusted. Rules here are also simple..if you take something put something back in.

Guild ProfessionsEdit

Shows a list of all the members of Dragon's Teeth that has a profession/magus and its lvl. members with availiable professions should help guildies if they are asked on their own time. Also for craft and magus please provide the materials and runes. If u dont have ask guild mates or hunt for them


Alchemest: TBA
Farmer: TBA
Lumberjack: TBA
Miner: TBA
Fisherman: TBA
Hunter: TBA


Baker: TBA
Butcher: TBA
Fisherman: TBA
Handyman: TBA
Jeweler: TBA
Shoemaker: TBA
Tailor: TBA


Bow carver: TBA
Staff carver: TBA
Wand carver: TBA


Axe smith: TBA
Dagger smith: TBA
Hammer smith: TBA
Shovel smith: TBA
Sword smith: TBA
Shield Smith: TBA


Jeweler Magus: TBA
Shoemaker Magus: TBA
Tailor magus: TBA
Bow Magus: TBA
Staff Magus: TBA
Wand Magus: TBA
Axe Magus: TBA
Dagger Magus: TBA
Hammer Magus: TBA
Shovel Magus: TBA
Sword Magus: TBA

Paddock/Guild House:Edit

Brakmar Paddock-(-31, 42) Brak house- (-27, 37)