This guild was created by ieatuforbreakfast but then given to his brother cousin-it. The minimum level you have to be to be in this guild is level 15. To be an officer though you have to be over the level of 30. You pretty much get to be whatever rank you want except if you are new to the guild. Another fact is that we are allied with some guilds, such as:

Icy Heroes


Uno Card Players Union


Manufacturer:No level requirement, but you must supply items you make from your profession first before trying to sell anything to the outside world.

Servant:15-20_ _ pretty much, for you newer guild members, you don't have to stay a servant very long!

On approval: If you are level thirteen and want to be in the guild, you will be on the "on approval" list until you reach level 15.

Treasurer: No real level requirement, but you must save money and ask any guild members if they need any money. (But if a anyone in the guild lends you money you must pay them back in the time given by the person)

(Only a chosen few have the rights so don't go asking for all the rights because you probably dont have a chance to get them all)