Joining DominationEdit

Domination welcomes all members over level 180. Members must have a grasp on the English language, since English is used in Guild Chat at all times. Although Domination has many French speaking members, we have adopted English as a common language to facilitate communication between members. Abuse of guild-mates will not be tolerated in /g. This does NOT include swearing, but rather targets harsh, persistent and hateful speech directed towards other guild members. Spamming is not allowed in /g or /a. Guild and Alliance Chat are not to be used for selling items.

Who We AreEdit

Domination guild picture
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Domination is a Guild with a focus on player versus player combat and is the leader of the alliance NEXUS. Members are expected to have an interest in PvP combat and a want to improve their skills. DO NOT join a Perceptor defense unless you are at least level 199 and have experience in PvP combat.




Kudo V2.0

Second In Commands

In-Game Name:



Character Pic:

Dofus-2016-02-11 07-57-33-Pizza-Boytoy
In-Game Name:



Character Pic:

Kudu-Sensei- Kudo is busy pvp and leading. Do not disturb - Roni 2015

Pizza-Boytoy- English and French speaker living on the West Coast. Usually online at some point between 1:00-9:00 server time. Zaap-sitter, Breeder, Achievement Whore. I also enjoy long walks on the beach.

Hyperiion- English and French speaker. French Canadian. Very active player. Mostly pvm player, but trying to learn to become great pvper! My real name is Mike ;)PS: Lelepap is MY bae!!!

LelePap- Self concerned arrogant bastard

Guild RankingsEdit

Normal Ranks

Rank Requirements Rights
On Trial Offline for more than 1 month
  • None
Deserter Less than level 199
  • Manage own XP
  • Invite New Members
Apprentice Level 199-200 ~
Initiate 100,000 XP
  • Place Perceptor
  • Retrieve own Perceptor Loot
Poacher 500,000 XP ~
Secretary 1,000,000 XP ~
Guard 2,000,000 XP ~
Reservist 5,000,000 XP ~
Protector 10,000,000+ XP ~

Special Ranks Special Ranks are giving to members who have either completed a special feat or have a special status within the guild. Note: If you meet one of these requirements but would like another title, that can be arranged with the Guild leadership.

Rank Requirements Rights
Nuisance You are especially annoying. Congrats Based on Level and XP
Perceptor Killer Best group PVPers
  • Be the main Perceptor Defender
Recruitment Officer Main Recruiter ~
Counsellor Alts that are above level 199 Based on XP of main character
Murderer Top 1v1 PVPers ~
Treasure Hunter Top Guild Achievement Score ~
Diplomat Alts of other Guild Leaders or SiCs ~
Craftsman All Professions at level 200 ~